10 Singers Learning to Sing Vibrato in Less Than 10 Minutes!

This is about ten singers learning to sing vibrato in less than 10 minutes! The following singers have come from all walks of life with different singing backgrounds.


However, all have one thing in common. They weren’t born with the ability to sing with vibrato. Now,  after watching one 9 minute and 48 second video, here’s what’s happened to them.


Learning to sing with vibrato was something I never expected to do. I was told when I was young that I’d never have vibrato because I wasn’t born with it and that if you don’t have it naturally, you don’t have it!


But they were wrong…and, because I believed them, for 43 years I was wrong about my voice. Maybe you’re wrong about your voice!


Here’s 10 singers whose lives were changed after watching this video, listen what happened. English is a second language for several of these singers so be patient with me as I try to pronounce their names and share their comments.


Alex Olsen

I’m a professional pianist but I’ve never been able to produce vibrato. Your videos finally made it click. Now on my way to being able to control it. Phenomenal content, phenomenally explained. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.



Ashtoreth Ashtoreth1

Awesome vid thanks. I was afraid of what i might sound like and i had no idea that before i began i remembered that i was making the car starting sound and didn’t know it was a slowed down version of it. All i had to do was make it faster and using my stomach muscles. It was easy. Now all i have to do is find the good sound in my singing. Rather than sound like most growling music called black/death metal. I really want to sound on a pieceful note. Thank you again for the video!!!! I will save this to my fav 2 list i have. Please dont ever delete the videos!!! Im now subscribing!!!!



Thank you! only one day and i could feel and hear my vibrato!





Kayla Clubb

I’ve always struggled with vibrato, but with your fourth technique, it finally feels real and not manufactured.


10 Singers Learning to Sing Vibrato in Less Than 10 Minutes is a small sample of what is happening.  You can experience this same thing. It’s so exciting and liberating!


Try it yourself. Click on this Video right here.  


The message is:  it’s possible for you and everyone to learn to sing with vibrato! I know, because I learned to sing vibrato when I was 43 years old.   


I’m Chuck Gilmore With Power To Sing. You can sing higher with beauty, confidence and power and vibrato!


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  1. These are all singers who did it on their own just by watching the video on vibrato! I’ve never met them. They’re so excited they wanted to share with us.

  2. The best thing you could have done, would be sending a recording before and after working with your video. People want to hear the improvement of the singers, not read about it. Do you think you can get us some videos or recordings?