Conquer Vibrato: A New Singing Course to Get and Improve Vibrato

Conquer Vibrato: A New Singing Course to Get and Improve Vibrato. Singers who at one time had ZERO vibrato in their voices, now sing with vibrato so well that they’re sounding as if they were born with it.  You can do exactly the same thing. Watch!


If you’ve watched the last three videos in this series on Vibrato, it’s possible you’re already feeling the beginning of vibrato in your own voice.


Isn’t it exciting? Just imagine what’s possible! This is the beginning of great things for your voice.


Even though it may be just “baby steps” now, there’s more help available in the Vibrato Success Plan found in the new singing course “Conquer Vibrato”.  More about that in a moment.


Before I forget, I have a special surprise to share with you at the end of this video, so be sure to watch all the way to the end…you don’t want to miss it.


If you haven’t seen the previous three videos, here’s a link to watch them later. Just click here. 


OK so what about this new course, “Conquer Vibrato”?         




Vibrato is all about vocal quality and I did not have it!  For 43 years I sang with a straight, flat tone. [demo] I wasn’t a beginner singer. In high school I sang in Concert Choir and Madrigals for three years.   


I won the lead role as King Arthur in Camelot. I sang all over Europe with our Madrigal Group. In college I sang in our University Oratorio Choir. I took voice lessons for 3 years. I was in the ensemble of the opera, Boris Godunov at Brigham Young University.


But I had been told by my first teacher, who was a university trained singer and teacher, that if I wasn’t born with vibrato, I didn’t have it.


It wasn’t until I was 44 years old that I discovered that I could develop vibrato in my voice and I learned how to do it.


Vibrato gave me a fuller tone quality. It improved my pitch, immediately. There was a professionalism in my voice which gave me confidence in my singing I’d never had before.


I started auditioning for musical theater again…my first love…and now, 22 years later, I’ll be auditioning for another musical in 7 weeks. In the last 28 musicals I’ve done, I’ve had the lead or supporting lead singing roles. 


Getting vibrato, and discovering head voice, has been like a miracle to me. So I’m not exaggerating when I say getting vibrato has been life changing for me.


If you don’t have vibrato it’s hard to have confidence in your voice because all the best singers have vibrato! Period!  You know you’re at a disadvantage!


It’s harder to get the solos, to win the auditions, to get the leading roles, to front the band and to have people like your voice.


It’s virtually impossible to be confident if you can’t sing with vibrato.


I know what you are going through. I know the discouragement and disappointment first hand.


Especially when your best friends start achieving beyond your level. You start feeling left out.


If there was a way where you could improve the quality of your voice, improve your pitch, sound more professional and have a whole lot more confidence in your voice, wouldn’t you want to check it out?


Ok…here it is.  It’s called, Conquer Vibrato. Conquer Vibrato is an online singing course which helps you get, improve, practice and sing with vibrato. You go into the course having no vibrato, or vibrato that has problems, to a natural vibrato that sounds like you were born with it.


How does the course, Conquer Vibrato, do that?  Inside the course is a simple 3-step plan, called the Vibrato Success Plan.


The first step is: Get Vibrato. You’ll get special exercises to induce vibrato in your voice. This is the beginning of your vibrato.


The second step is: Improve Vibrato. In this step you’ll learn breathing technique so you can sustain vibrato long enough for the vocal cords to memorize the feeling.


You’ll also learn exercises to help you start, stop, speed up and slow down vibrato. This gives you control of your vibrato. You’ll also learn to sing with vibrato in all areas of your voice, low, middle and high notes.


The third step in the Success Plan is: Practice and Sing with Vibrato. Here you’re given exercises to practice that will train your voice in vibrato. This solidifies your vibrato so you can use it in songs. You’ll also practice singing songs with vibrato.


[Watch on the video the Excerpt from Jonathan Sanders lesson]



It would take several months of weekly lessons for me to teach you all the information contained in this course.


If we spent two months of weekly lessons to learn vibrato, that’s four hours of studio time. That values the course today at $360.00.


Getting vibrato in my voice has given me the chance to perform in some great shows, sing wonderful music, and make lifelong memories and cherished friends.


Because it’s been so life changing, I want you to have the same opportunities I’ve had. Therefore I’m sharing with you the Conquer Vibrato course for the one-time payment of $124.00.


Today, to celebrate the inaugural release of Conquer Vibrato, if you purchase the course before the deadline, you’ll receive the special launch price of $99.97.


This course will close for an undetermined period of time at 11:55 PM EST on February 7, 2019.


Because this is the inaugural release of Conquer Vibrato, I’m excited to announce something very special to those who purchase before the deadline.


It’s a Bonus: I’ll hold an Exclusive One-Hour Live Interactive Lesson on Vibrato with this group. All you have to do is complete your purchase before the deadline. The date and time of our Group Lesson will be announced later.


This is a live broadcast just for you. I’m all yours for at least an hour. We’ll be able to chat live and I’ll answer all your questions about the course and vibrato. I’ll get a couple of you to volunteer to let me teach you live while everybody’s watching. It’s a great learning experience for everyone.  Afterwards I’ll post a recording of the broadcast inside your course for you to watch as many times as you’d like.


This adds another $100.00+ in value to your purchase…it’s almost like you’re getting this course for free.  


While working on this course I asked you, my subscribers, this question. “What two questions about vibrato must absolutely be covered in this course? I had 93 responses totalling 186 suggestions.


The content of this course has been guided in a large measure, by your suggestions. It includes the vital things you’ve requested that will help you get, improve and sing with vibrato.


Ask yourself: What will my life look like once I’m singing with vibrato?


How will a better tone quality affect the success of my singing?


What will improved pitch and increased confidence do for me in front of an audience or audition?


What will my life be like, when I’m a better singer, when I’m getting solos, and leading roles, and people are asking for my autograph and complimenting my voice?  How will I feel then?


Get this course and get vibrato and get living your dreams.


Get Conquer Vibrato by clicking the link here.



I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power to Sing. I look forward to seeing you inside Conquer Vibrato and in our group live broadcast!



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