How to Overcome Discouragement About Your Singing Voice

How to Overcome Discouragement About Your Singing Voice is a common question with new students. Even great singers feel discouraged about their voices sometimes. Inside this video, I’ll share 5 causes of discouragement and 5 ways you can get rid of discouragement forever.



Here are five leading causes of discouragement about your singing voice.

  • You don’t like the sound of your voice.
  • You want to sound like the singers you admire.
  • You can’t sing the high notes without straining, breaking or singing too breathy.
  • The harder you try the slower your progress.
  • You’re afraid other people don’t like your voice.

Several of these causes are discussed in my previous videos. Here are links to some other helpful videos.


How to Overcome Discouragement About Your Singing Voice

  1. No one likes the sound of their own voices at first. Usually when we hear it we’re disappointed. I remember excitedly putting a cassette tape in my car to listen to the recording of one of my early lessons.


I was so disappointed that I sounded so bad.  After a while I was less critical. Eventually…over a decade later, I learned to like my voice. Of course I’m a better singer now, which helps.


  1.  It’s great to be inspired by other singers. We all have favorites that motivate and lift us. But you don’t want to sound exactly like them. Why? Because everyone will alway compare your voice to your idol and you’ll always be in their shadow. 


We don’t want a copy of someone else. We already have them. We want you…the original you. Of course you can be influenced by their voices, music and performances. But blend their traits in with yours.Find your own unique style and voice. It will be different from your idol and that is better.


  1. Take voice lessons with a teacher who will teach you how to sing, not what to sing. You want singing technique, not repertoire. To be able to sing anything you want, you must learn to sing from the bottom of your voice, through the middle and into your upper range without straining, breaking, cracking or falsetto.


You don’t want any limitations in your voice. [Demo] You can sing higher without loosing the connection to your lower voice. You can eliminate all the breaks and strain. The ability to do this will lift you from discouragement because it’s so fun! The right teacher will help you do this.




  1. Practice does NOT make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. If you do the correct exercises that will help you accomplish # 3 above, but you do them incorrectly, YOU ARE REINFORCING BAD HABITS AND it’s next to impossible to IMPROVE. 


YOU MUST DO THE CORRECT EXERCISES CORRECTLY. Also don’t stress out about your voice. Don’t practice stressed. Practice relaxed. Practice peace. Practice with an open heart and mind to be aware of everything you’re hearing and doing. Record yourself practicing and listen back.


You’ll learn and improve much faster than if you’re singing harder, longer, and faster…trying to speed up your progress. You can’t “cram” voice like cramming for a school test. I’ve had breakthroughs when I was mellow and none when I was frazzled.


  1. Accept the fact that a majority of earth’s inhabitants will not really care for your voice, genre or style. Even some friends and family may not like it…and they might tell you so. That’s ok.


There will be 1000’s, or hundreds of 1000’s who will love your voice and listen to everything you sing. That’s who you’re singing for. And you’re singing for yourself, to tell your story. Personally, if I have one person come up to me and tell me they love my voice, the whole evening’s a success!


Knowing Your Vocal Type Will Help You Overcome Discouragement

Knowing your vocal type can help you overcome discouragement. Why? Because you get a clearer understanding of what you tend to do as you sing higher through your bridge into your head voice. There’s nothing more discouraging than not understanding your own voice.


Do you know your vocal type? Visit and take the vocal test which I call the PowerTest. Take the quiz and discover your vocal type. Then visit the Knowledge Center and watch the videos about your vocal type. Download the free vocal exercises for your vocal type and start improving your voice immediately.


These exercises for your unique vocal type begins eliminating weaknesses and building strength and balance in your voice. What a great way to overcome discouragement.


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I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power To Sing. You can sing higher with beauty, confidence and power.


I’ll see you inside the next video.


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