How To Practice Singing High Notes – 4 Simple Steps

In the three previous videos I’ve given you a lot of different vocal exercises to help you sing better high notes. In this video I’m going to teach you how to practice singing high notes in songs. This makes all the difference in your singing. Watch!

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When singing songs with high notes, follow four simple steps:


Sing through the song.


If you have the sheet music, use it. Otherwise, print out the words. Circle the words and/or phrases that strain, break, splat or go breathy.


Sing through the song and substitute the passages before and after the words you circled, with the words used in the exercises.


Get vocal exercises to use from this recent video. Watch: “How To Sing High Notes For Guys Without Falsetto – 3 Exercises for Guys AND Girls”  (  I’ll include this video on the end screen.


Follow these guidelines when deciding which exercises to use. I’ll demonstrate.


If you feel the passage or word straining substitute with Bubble lips.

If you feel the passage or word break, use the exaggerated “ney”.

If you feel the passage or word splat, use an imposed “gee”.

If you feel the passage or word go breathy, you can use the exaggerated ney or n[ae] (as in “at”)


Sing the passages using the substitute exercises several times. If it feels like it’s helping, put the words back in. Just remember to sing the words while maintaining the same feeling the exercises created.


Gradually allow the words to get more normal. Eliminate the exaggerated tones as soon as they serve their purpose, in other words, as soon as you can easily sing the song without straining, breaking, splatting or breathiness.


If a substitution hasn’t worked, try a different one. Where one didn’t give you results, perhaps another will. Experiment with several and see if one works better for your voice and song.


This will be much easier if you are doing the exercises for your vocal type. Your vocal type is not whether you are soprano, alto, tenor or bass. Your vocal type describes how you transition from chest to head voice.


You can get your vocal type by downloading this PDF, “Get Your Vocal Type”.


First the PDF, “Get Your Vocal Type”, has expired. Instead click this link:


Second, take the test and verify your vocal type. Then click this link and watch the videos about your vocal type. These videos have several free exercises for your vocal type. The exercises for pulled chest – high larynx help you stop pulling your chest voice and raising your larynx. They’ll help you start mixing your chest and head voice.


These are exercises you can use to substitute in your songs, so you’ll know better how to practice singing high notes.


Another video that will help is this one. Watch:  How To Sing High Pitch For Guys – Three Secrets! ( I’ll include this on the end screen as well.


Did you feel the words get easier when you tried substituting the exercises? Let me know in the comments below.


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Chuck Gilmore

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