Singing Better High Notes – Manish Kapoor – Case Study

This video is a case study on Singing Better High Notes.

Manish Kapoor is just beginning his exciting adventure of getting into his head voice! Already he’s feeling something new!


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  1. Thanks for your reply, Chuck. Your points make sense.

  2. Thanks Raina: I’m actually considering something like that in the future. It takes planning. For example I would need to get agreement before the lessons, record something they sing, and then record them a few weeks or months later. But I’m not sure how I feel about using it in the general public because people can be really mean. Maybe I could do it inside a private group of other students going through the same things where everyone is supportive and encouraging. That’s what I would want for you or any of my students.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion Rosanne. What is great progress for one person is ridiculous to another. I hesitate to place a student in a position like that unless it’s within in a group of other students who can offer support and encouragement. Maybe in the future inside a private and understanding group of singers.

  4. It’d be nice to hear :”before & after” singing samples. I thought the video contained this as a “Case study” but it only had words.

  5. Hi Chuck, just a thought but it would be nice to hear your case studies sing a little tune at the end..