Singing Exercises that Use Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect in Singing Exercises

There is a physical reason (Cause), that results in a particular sound (Effect).
Did you know that every singing exercise in Power to Sing’s knowledge Center all cause the voice to do specific things?  This is called cause and effect.
As a result, you can choose a set of exercises that will cause you to do certain things. First, know and understand what your vocal type is. Knowing what it is, you can choose exercises that are designed especially for your vocal type.

Singing Exercises – Right Exercises Cancel Out Undesirable

Why is this important? The exercises will “cancel out” what you tend to do that is undesirable in your voice.
For example, if you are a light chest vocal type, your vocal cords tend to come together too lightly which produces a breathy tone. To improve, you want to do exercises that will cause your vocal cords to come together more firmly. Exercises for the Light Chest vocal type found in Power to Sing will cause your vocal cords to come together more firmly.
This “cancels out” the way your vocal cords come together too lightly.  The physical effect is a firmer coming together of the cords and this effects positively the strength of the sound your voice makes .

Wrong Exercises Reinforce Your Tendency

The opposite is also true. If you are a light chest vocal type and you do exercises that cause your vocal cords to come together lightly, the effect is the same breathy sound. You are reinforcing what you already tend to do. In this case the effect of a breathy sound would be the opposite of what you desire for your voice.

Exercises Cause Specific Effects

Exercises in Power to Sing use specific combinations of vowels and consonants and sometimes other sounds.  These cause a specific physical effect which positively effects your sound. The right combination of exercises cause positive results which can be quick and long lasting.
Sometimes a specific exercise will cause several things to happen at the same time. For example: A bratty “Nay” will both thin the vocal cords (reduce the mass of the cords) and frequently prevents the cords from breaking apart into falsetto and give the cords a stronger connection. It will also cause a new feeling or sensation that your neurological system begins to accept as possible. Like creating  footprints in the snow, its a new pathway in your neurological system for you to follow with your voice.

Download the Exercises for your Vocal Type

Are you doing the vocal exercises for your vocal type that will cause the physical effect you need to transform your voice?  Power to Sing provides the key to unlock your vocal transformation so you can sing better than you ever thought possible.

Take the PowerTest on Power to Sing’s Home Page and

  • Discover your vocal type
  • Then learn more about your vocal type in the Knowledge Center
  • Look for exercises for your vocal type and download them for free

Doing these exercises daily will begin your vocal transformation!

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  1. Thank you for the information on what to do for my vocal type is very helpful. I have enjoyed all of your videos and they have been very helpful. Our choir Rehearsals resume next week am looking forward to singing much better this year thanks to your vocal instruction.