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Julia Bonaparte


“Yea, I am definitely Pulled Chest/High Larynx. This is SO ACCURATE!”

Maurizio Caputo


“I want to thank you for your terrific teaching. By doing the specific exercises for my vocal type and …your exercises …my life as a singer has changed.”

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1. Does it feel or sound like I’m yelling, straining or forcing my voice as I sing higher? * Yes No 2. Does it feel or sound like there’s something stopping my voice that won’t let me sing any higher? * Yes No 3. Does my voice suddenly crack and/or break as I sing the higher notes? * Yes No 4. Does my pitch gradually go flat as I sing higher? * Yes No 5. Do I feel or hear a sudden change in the sound of my voice from loud to soft or from stronger to lighter? * Yes No 6. Do I have to stop singing before the piano ends because I can’t sing higher? * Yes No 7. Do I sound light, breathy, or airy on most of the notes? * Yes No 8. Do I hear a sudden “wobble” or “bump-in-the-road” in my voice as I sing higher? * Yes No 9. Do I sound soft on the low notes as well as the high notes? * Yes No 10. Was it very soft in the bottom notes but sounded much stronger as I sang higher? * Yes No 11. I sang all the notes easily without reaching, with clear, strong tone and excellent pitch. * Yes No Enter your name and email* to receive your results! Why are we asking for your email twice? We use two different tools to analyze your voice! We are working to integrate them. First Name * Last Name * Email *     GET YOUR ANALYSIS