Warning! Singing Teachers Fail to Help Singers


Warning! Singing teachers fail to help singers. Inside this video, I’ll tell you exactly why and what you must do to protect yourself from failure! 


Here’s 2 comments from subscribers about singing teachers.  They warn us and sound an alarm that singing teachers fail to help singers.


Warning! Singing Teachers Fail to Help Singers


Comment #1

First of all, a big fat THANK YOU for making me aware of the concepts of head and chest voice! About 99.999 percent of the teachers in India NEVER, I repeat NEVER teach their students about these concepts. They let their students astray, letting them continue their incorrect pulled chest singing, telling them that by “practice” alone, they can increase their range, when actually they have been singing wrong the whole time.

I am about to escape that hell hole singing technique…

Please help me.


Comment #2 from Stratcat Blue:

“I graduated from one of the major music schools in the country, went on to study  from classical voice teachers, and then I went on to become a teacher myself. it seemed like for so long my students were struggling to get through the bridge. And the only solution to the dilemma of expanding range was to either force chest voice up, or bridge prematurely into falsetto. While I was definitely helping my students progress, it seemed like it was a struggle to get them past a certain  plateau. When I came across the curriculum presented by Seth Riggs and Brett Manning, it was like everything changed in my own singing in that of my students. Three of my students went on to win first place in regional voice  competitions. Others have signed recording contracts and are enjoying very fulfilling careers. In 2015 and 2016, we received the number one rating from Thumbtack as Pittsburgh’s best voice studio. It became all too real just how much the discoveries of Seth Riggs and Brett Manning have revolutionized the singing industry. I have to wonder how long it will be before the vast majority catch up LOL.”


I commented saying:

“Thanks Stratcat Blue! When you get into Seth’s background story, it’s the same as yours. He had a bachelors and masters degree in vocal performance…and still couldn’t get through his bridge into head voice without pulling. What he’s developed and taught to Brett and many others is partly due to his frustration with academia not being able to help him do it. I sooo agree that Seth has revolutionized the singing industry and Brett, you and I and others like us are the beneficiaries in our own voices and hopefully our students voices. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.”


I had a similar experience 48 years ago. My teacher graduated with a Masters Degree in Vocal Performance. But she gave me no hope or idea I could ever sing above the E above Middle C. In two years we never had a discussion about head voice.


Her teachers had failed her too. Imagine graduating with an advanced degree and not be able to show a student how to sing into head voice without straining, breaking or falsetto.


Teachers who don’t know how to do this themselves and teach their students bridge were failed by their teachers, their colleges and universities. Now they are failing their singing students by not being able to help them sing through the first bridge of the voice.


Warning! They don’t know they don’t know! It’s not on purpose. Teachers, for the most part, are not out to swindle you. They’re doing the best with what they know.


Seth Riggs, when interviewed about his frustration and criticism of teachers and techniques that are failing to help students, and in some cases actually hurting them with poor technique, said he had no argument with teachers who are helping their students bridge.


Warning! Singing Teachers Fail to Help Singers
Seth Riggs 1996 on Danny Schneider Show of Music

Here’s an interview from the Danny Schneider show in 1996. [Danny Schneider Show Of Music https://youtu.be/WGREQ670LrU]


If your teacher is not able to teach you how to sing through the bridge or passaggio without straining, yelling, cracking or breaking into falsetto, and you are doing the work, change teachers.


Vocal Type

A great way to start learning how to bridge and sing into your head voice without straining or reaching is to discover your vocal type.


Your vocal type describes what you tend to do as you sing through the first bridge of your voice. Go to PowerToSing.com and take the vocal test, which I call the PowerTest.


Take the quiz and discover your vocal type. Then go to the Knowledge Center and watch the videos about your vocal type. Download the free exercises for your vocal type and begin the process of learning how to sing from chest to head voice without straining, cracking, or breaking into falsetto.


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