What is Your Singing Shock and Awe?

What is Your Singing Shock and Awe?


What is Your Singing Shock and Awe

From Wikipedia: Shock and awe (technically known as rapid dominance) is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power and spectacular displays of force to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight.


What is your singing Shock and Awe? How can you rapidly dominate with your singing voice? How can you demonstrate overwhelming vocal power with spectacular displays of vocal ability to win immediate attention from fans and industry pro’s?


Inside this video I’ll give you 3 steps to rapid dominance to produce vocal shock and awe!  



How can you get overwhelming singing power and ability for rapid dominance of your genre?


#1. You get overwhelming vocal power and dominance by learning how to bridge. That means you learn to sing from low notes (chest voice) to high notes (head voice) without straining, cracking, breathiness, or breaking into falsetto.


Here’s a step by step procedure to do this:


  • Discover your vocal type. Go to PowerToSing.com and take the vocal test. Take the quiz and submit it. Within a few minutes you’ll receive an email with your vocal type. Or you can email the actual recording to me and within 36-48 hours you’ll receive your vocal type.

  • Go to the Knowledge Center on the website and watch the videos about your vocal type.

  • Download the free exercises and start practicing them. They’ll help you learn how to bridge successfully. This is the most important thing you can do to develop your vocal shock and awe!


#2. Balance your voice. This means you develop the ability to sing with a balance between the air from your lungs and your vocal cords. Balancing the voice enables you to sing without tension or strain everywhere in your voice.


By balancing your voice you develop the ability to sing with a mix in the first bridge and throughout your range. That means you sing with a blend of chest and head voice. The exercises for your vocal type will help balance your voice.


Episode 50 is all about balancing your voice. Watch for the link to Episode 50 at the end of the video.


#3. Study with a professional singing teacher who can demonstrate bridging in his/her voice and can teach his/her students to bridge. If you aren’t focusing on this from the first lesson forward, you’re wasting time and money.


Shock and awe in war is not accomplished on a wish or a whim. Days, months and years of hard work and effort are required to succeed.


What is Your Singing Shock and Awe

Shock and awe in singing also takes days, months and years of hard word and effort. In reality, there is no such thing as an “overnight sensation”. Shock and awe performers, those who dominate their genre’s, have worked hard for years. When they’re at the top, they work harder than ever to keep dominating!


At a minimum, if you are not working on bridging with a qualified vocal teacher, you’re not going to have any kind of dominance.


Too often, too many of the most popular professional singers can’t sustain their dominance because they damage their voices by not bridging.


These are not the only things you must do for vocal Shock and Awe!  However, they’re part of the most vital things you must be working on now.


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I’m Chuck Gilmore with Power To Sing. You can sing higher with beauty, confidence and power.


I’ll see you inside the next video.



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  1. This is one among the many useful “did you knows” that I’ve come across on this website. And I’ve only known this website yesterday and so far, everything has been worth watching and reading. I know I’ll get something out of your lessons.
    Thank you very much Mr Chuck. I am sure that just like last night, you will make me miss my sleep again tonight, I can feel the plan has already been approved and is being enforced subconsciously. In fact I’m already here so it’s “check” on implementation as well.
    You’re a gem in this field Mr Gilmore and thank you once again.