What Makes a Great Voice Lesson?

What Makes a Great Voice Lesson?


If you had the single greatest voice lesson ever, what would happen to your voice?


Watch! I’m going to show you!


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This is a hard question because it depends on your skill level.


Let’s say you have sung a lot, but you can only sing higher than a certain note. At that point you go flat, or you strain, crack, or break into falsetto. Or you sing really breathy and light so you can sing high without problems, but no one can hear you. [Demo]


What Makes a Great Voice Lesson?


Here’s what makes a great voice lesson great.


  1. You feel the vibrations of the sounds you make in your body.  [Demo] Feel the vibration in your chest? Vibration in the head.  You learn that low notes are chest voice, high notes are head voice and in between is the middle or passageway between head and chest. Also called the passagio or the bridge.  

  2. You learn how to sing from chest, in and through the middle, and into head voice without straining, falsetto or breathiness. [Demo]

  3. You learn to press into that new feeling and get deeper into the vocal cords without pulling the chest voice. This gives you a stronger sound. [Demo]

  4. You learn to do this with your larynx staying resting where it does when you speak [Demo]

  5. You learn to sustain each note from chest, middle and head voice with vibrato. [Demo]

  6. You discover how to mix the chest and head voice in your middle or bridge on different vowels. [New-No]

  7. You learn to be aware of how each new thing feels and how to do it easily.

  8. You apply it to a song that was once hard to sing. Using your new skills, you sing it better than ever. [Demo]

This would be the greatest voice lesson ever. And if it was possible, everybody would teach this way. Every student would take one lesson and from then on be a great singer the rest of their lives.


Of course we know it’s not that easy.


But that’s what’s possible if you get the right teacher and you’re willing to put in the weeks, months and years to develop it.


What Makes a Great Voice Lesson? Pavarotti worked for years to improve his voice!

How long will it take. No one knows for sure. I’d say at least 2 years to get pretty good. Pavarotti, one of the great operatic tenors of all time, spent ten years perfecting the F above middle C. 


What Makes a Great Voice Lesson? Knowing Your Vocal Type Helps!


To help you succeed rapidly, go to Power To Sing.com and take the vocal test which I call the PowerTest. This will help you discover your vocal type which is what you tend to do when you sing.


Visit the knowledge Center and watch the videos about your vocal type. Download the free exercises for your vocal type and start practicing to improve your voice. These exercises are designed to help you progress rapidly by eliminating vocal weaknesses.


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