Why is it So Hard to Sing Higher? – Johnny Little – Case Study

Why is it So Hard to Sing Higher? – Johnny Little – Case Study.  Some of us guys are so muscled up with our voices that singing higher is a monumental challenge. Listen as Johnny Little shares what he’s done to break the habit of grabbing and pulling chest voice.

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  1. Thank you for the quick reply. I have watched and added the above mentioned exercises to my routine and will report back. Funny, I have to hold my face while doing lip bubbles too!

  2. Hi Eric: I think it’s very hard to do messa di voce until we learn to lean or press into the feeling of the resonance and not grab the vocal cords to increase volume. watch this video beginning at 4:16 http://singersimpact.powertosing.com/ep-65-for-men-only-learn-to-sing-mix-quickly-6-exercises-for-fast-results/ The exercise n[u] n[ou] on the octave repeat scale is how we develop this ability which leads to the Messa Di Voce technique. Other combinations could be n[u] to noo (as in good) n[u] to n[^] (as in nut) and n[u] to n[a] (as in bach). Each time the 2nd vowel which is more open than the first vowel, must feel like it is in the same “place” or the same feeling. If it opens up, it spreads and splats, the resonance drops below the hard palate and it becomes pulled up chest. I do very little with my mouth and tongue when I sing the second vowel…almost just think the difference from n[u] to n[ou] (new to no). Doing this correctly will lead you to messa di voce.

  3. I can totally relate to this guy, especially being an older man myself.
    Chuck, you were one of my very first resources on the Internet when I set out learning to sing 18 months ago and I want to ask you a direct question:
    I have the squeeze problem at around A4 (the last note in Bring Him Home, I know that you know the one!) At that pitch or above, I am no longer able to remain quiet. The volume will increase until I get to an all out scream above D5. I have been practicing with Messa Di Voce in semitone steps to train this aspect.
    Do you think that technique will lead to greater control over the higher pitches? Is there another exercise that might be effective for this problem?
    I also do all the ´´goo´´ and ´´ghee´´ larynx lowering exercises that you and others recommend as well.
    I am not trying to complain or rush the process – 18 months ago, I could not even vocalize at G4, now I can blast a F#5 but without any real control, hence the question above. My instructor is jazzed that I can sing all the songs that only her female students sing but I can´t leave it alone! I will consider it done when I can do Queen of the Night!
    OK, that is a little much, but what say you?
    Also, please tell me how to check responses to these forums – I have not heard back from you except on youtube itself.
    Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter. We are all trying to get there!